Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Matcha Tea

why should you drinking matcha tea

Green Tea, Black Tea, and Chais are some of the common types of teas that you might be familiar. Everybody now knows that tea is a great and healthy drink that, if consumed on a daily basis, can provide tons of health benefits to the drinkers.

Some of the regular effects of tea that many love to gain benefit are the aid digestion, a boost-up immune system, a calming effect, and the most favorite – the weight loss effects. There are plenty of detox tea for weight loss available in the market. From the exclusive The Republic of Tea or TeaTox to the most ubiquitous, Lipton Green Tea or Yogi Tea, they are all available online and at local stores for you to purchase.

If you would like to take full advantage of detox teas, why not try another unique flavor of tea, known as Matcha Tea. The name might be new to you, but not necessarily to other people. In fact, Starbucks have been introducing matcha tea in their menu, and it has started to gain some popularity amongst avid tea, and even coffee, drinkers. If we are to compare matcha tea with the rest of the flavors, it is perhaps the healthiest type of green tea. Why? Well, let us check out the following reasons why you should start drinking matcha tea!

matcha tea effects

Matcha Tea Provides Significant Calming Effect

Matcha tea has a high amount of amino acid L-theanine because this flavor uses the whole leaves, without putting any part of the leaf to waste. It is dried and crushed tea leaves, so you can expect it to pack comprehensive nutrients and minerals found in the leaves. With the L-theanine property, you will notice a significant calming effect after drinking it, especially if it is a hot cup of matcha tea.

This detox tea for weight loss can promote alpha waves in your brain and trigger relaxation but without the drowsiness effect. It is why you see the tea has dual effects of relaxation as well as increased alertness. Check out the last section to learn more about the increased alertness impact. Need some relaxation and meditation? Make sure you drink it up after a long, busy day at work.

Matcha Tea Enhances Your Body’s Immune System

Since Matcha is the highest quality of powdered green tea, you can also expect it to leave an incredible effect to your overall immune system. Based on an article written on a health enthusiast website, Naturallivingideas, a bowl or a mug of matcha tea contains a high amount of vitamin A, C, protein, calcium, and potassium. If you are to drink the tea every day, you will feed your body with these essential nutrients. As a result, you will be able to build up your immune system, fight off sickness, and quickly heal your wounds. Plus, it is also an excellent detox tea for weight loss due to the increased rate of your body metabolism.

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Matcha Tea Improves Your Memory and Increase Your Focus

L-Theanine is truly the main hero of Matcha Tea. It is a type of amino acid that can trigger the production of two powerful transmitters inside your brain, namely known as dopamine and serotonin. These types of substances have been proven by scientific studies to be able to improve your memory, increase your focus, as well as balance the level of your moods. This particular effect makes matcha tea not only as a perfect detox tea for weight loss for fitness lovers but also as a brain boost-up drinks for students or professionals.

The benefits of the tea are very impressive and legit – research studies have approved them. Perhaps it is about time for you to find ways to integrate matcha tea into your diet. Besides than drinking the detox tea for weight loss or overall health effects, you can still go creative and make it fun by trying out different recipes. There are many simple and delicious recipes on matcha tea that you can try. You can check them out online and experiment them on the weekends or you days off!

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