Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal Review

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal 2

As someone who drinks tea on a regular basis, I would say that it has lots of benefits. Unlike coffee, tea keeps me calm and helps with my digestion. Some people get constipated with coffee and I am one of the unlucky ones but with tea, I have no problem. Teas are also said to have that detoxifying effect, meaning that it can help cleanse your organs especially your kidneys and liver.

Organic tea leaves are more potent and bring more positive effects than powdered ones, that is why I would rather take time to brew my tea than get a powdered one from the store. I also find organic tea to be more refreshing and flavorful.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal
Herbal Medicine Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal

- It is worked for me , i feel relax and fresh body, lighter after dink it for 2 weeks.

- It has a good flavors.

- After drink it , i have not gain any weight

Sale: $21.00 on Amazon

The Benefits of Raw Organic Dandelion Root Tea

 I like to read and be informed about things that I drink and eat and here are some of the benefits of drinking raw organic dandelion root tea.

  • This tea helps support healthy digestion as well as healthy kidney and liver function.
  • It also helps to detoxify your liver and kidneys from toxins that have built up in your body over time.
  • Once your body is detoxified, you can absorb nutrients better and improve your over healthy.
  • Raw dandelion root is very rich in nutrients and contains vital vitamins and minerals as compared to roasted dandelion root.
  • Dandelion root helps improve your mood and immune system as it contains Vitamins A,C, D and B- complex as well as Iron, Zinc and Potassium. Not only does it help alleviate your mood but it can also help treat liver disorders.
  • The added ingredient of Hibiscus and Cinnamon not only enhances the flavor but it also helps with your health. Research shows that hibiscus helps promote healthy blood flow while Cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar and also reduce bad cholesterol from your body.
  • Best detox tea for weight loss on my opinion.

Remember though, this is just a tea that helps improve your healthy and it is not a medicine. If you have minor health issues and is taking this tea to help improve your condition then do so but don’t stop taking your medicine.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal 4

My thoughts on the product

  • Price: I ordered the Raw Organic Dandelion Root Tea from Amazon for $19.70. Paid for it on Monday and received it on Wednesday morning in a very neatly packed package. For $19.70 you already have lots of tea to last you the whole month if you are a slow drinker. A hundred bags is definitely enough for me to drink and experiment with this tea. By experimenting, I meant mixing and adding new ingredients to the tea to fit my taste or discover a new one.
  • Flavor: I was able to achieve the best flavor by steeping the tea in my kettle for 3-4 minutes with boiling water. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. It has a very nice taste, very flavorful and has a great aroma. The dandelion root, cinnamon and hibiscus blended wonderfully.

I had drunk dandelion tea but have never been able to drink dandelion root before so I was wondering how it would taste like. Since “root” first came into mind I thought that it would be bitter but it’s actually not. I think it’s from the hibiscus and cinnamon, the tea tastes pleasant and has an earthy flavor.

I love how the cinnamon was able to spice up the tea with just the right amount. Not too much that it overpowers it, just enough to enhance it. As for the hibiscus, I am not really knowledgeable about flowers nor have I tasted hibiscus tea but I think it’s what gives the tea that pleasant smell and slightly tangy taste.

Final thoughts:

For the price I would say that this tea is really worth it. You’ll have a hundred bags of rich and flavorful tea for only $19.70. I would definitely fill my mug with this tea every morning. I’m sure that a hundred bags will last me for a while. I like that it is raw and organic and not chemically processed in factories. I also read that the dandelion roots used in this tea are imported from Poland.

I’m not sure about the detoxifying and cleansing features but I did not experience any constipation with this tea and I felt more refreshed every time I drink it so it’s a plus.

I have been a tea drinker for three years already since I stopped drinking coffee and I noticed how my skin really improved as well as my bowel movement. I don’t have any issues with my liver and kidney but I felt that I have benefited from the teas that I have drunk for those past three years. So dandelion root tea also has lots of benefits as I have stated above and that’s just some of it, there are more if you look it up. If you have issues with your metabolism, liver or kidney then this tea could help you detoxify and cleanse.

I thoroughly enjoy the flavor, I mean, to have something this good tasting and is also good for your health, who wouldn’t want that right?

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal 3

Would you recommend this product?

A big yes! I love this tea and the benefits that it gives to the drinkers. It’s a healthy cup of tea that I would recommend to anyone. I already bought another box for my mother and mother-in-law since they both are having issues with their blood pressure as well as sugar. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family that’s why I am very alert when it comes to my health.

I gave a box to my mom last month for her to test it out and see if it has helped improved her blood pressure and sugar levels, she has been drinking this tea for a month. She told me that she loves the flavor and she is constantly monitoring her blood pressure and sugar, both of which remained in the normal levels after drinking this tea so I think that’s great news.

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