My 3 Month’s Review on Fit Tea Detox 28 Day

My 3 Month’s Review on Fit Tea Detox 28 Day

Fit Tea is one of the prominent herbal tea brands in the market that promises weight loss effects and body slimming impact. It comes in two different main packaging – 14 Day and 28 Day – for customers to try.

Most recently I have gotten the chance to give the 28 Day packaging a test and several outcomes are rather noticeable compared to others. Are you currently considering buying this detox tea to lose some pounds on your body? If you do, check out my experience in this Fit Tea Detox 28 Day reviews and make your decision from there.

What is Fit Tea Detox Drink?

There are many detox tea drinks available out there for you to select, and Fit Tea is one of them. I took the 28 Day packaging for three months to see its impact on my body weight. The company includes some clinically proven herbs and natural sweeteners in the tea product.

The included ingredients are Oolong tea, green tea, rooibos, ginger, pomegranate, birch and corn. With the natural sweeteners stevia and honey powder, this 28 Day Detox drink tastes surprisingly great and pleasant.

It does not have that typical bitter taste that many herbal drinks normally have. One important thing that you need to know is that it comes in a loose-leaf tea format, not a tea bag. Therefore, you will need to own a tea strainer or infuser to prepare the drink.

If you expect it to come in a tea bag, you might be taken off guard when you first opened the packaging. One of the disadvantages that I could not help but notice about this loose-leaf tea is that you will not be able to know what leaves exactly are in your current cups. There is no proper assortment, and no two cups will have the similar proportions of the herbal ingredients!

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The Diuretic Effects of Fit Tea on My Digestive System

Fit Tea is a healthy drink that contains several herbal ingredients that provide diuretic effects to your digestive system. If you wonder what diuretic is, let me explain it to you. Diuretic is a medically approved medication that functions mainly as excessive waste and toxins discarder.

It might sound dangerous, but there is no need to fret. Mayo Clinic, a highly acclaimed medical website, claims that the diuretic is safe for everybody, but it produces several side effects. Nausea, headaches, mild cramping, frequent urination, and dehydration are some of the common effects that you will experience, and I did have some of them.

It shows that the detox drink is working as it should. However, the impact should only be obvious during the first few weeks when your body is trying to discard the harmful wastes from your body. It should eventually subside, and you will feel healthier and better after several weeks.

The Impact of the Detox Drinks on My Weight

Numerous studies have shown that tea contains a high level of caffeine and antioxidant that can improve our metabolism rate. With such impact, we can expect our body to release more energy and ultimately help to burn fat and maintain our body weight.

When coupled with balanced diet and regular exercises, this detox drink can give the weight loss effect that we desire. Now, let us take a look at the three tea found in this herbal drink and how they help me to lose my weight.

  • Organic Green Tea – Studies proved that green tea has a generous level of catechins. It is a natural compound that increases energy and boost up the metabolism rate. However, these studies also stated that the rate is rather mild, and if not followed by a low-calorie diet or workout sessions, you would still fail to achieve the desired weight loss.
  • Organic Rooibos – It also contains organic rooibos that can lower our blood glucose level. It moderately hinders carbohydrates absorption and this is great for diabetic patients. It also contains an anti-inflammatory agent, and it helps tremendously to soothe down your stomach upset caused by other diuretic ingredients in the tea.
  • Oolong Wu Yi – It is another herb that many traditional practitioners love to include in their medicine. Scientific studies have shown that Oolong Wu Yi Tea consists of antioxidants and caffeine that can improve lipid metabolism. It helps me to decrease body fat content and reduce body weight. Again, it is important for me to perform my daily exercises, drink lots of water and watch the food that I eat to achieve that result.

My Advice to Those Who Want To Take Detox Drinks

My three month’s journey with Fit Tea Detox 28 Day had been pleasant with occasional health relapse. Minor headaches, constant visits to the bathroom and fatigue are some of the things that I experience in the first few weeks.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to seek a consultation with your physician either before you start drinking this detox tea or after experiencing these side effects. Secondly, make sure you drink the tea on your day off. You should expect to go back and forth to the bathroom few hours after drinking your first cup. It is when the detox effect starts to kick in.

Besides than removing toxins, Fit Tea also claims that it can reduce your water weight, produce slimmer stomach, soothe digestion, and promote loss of overall body weight. However, based on my experience, there are three things that you must do for you to see those claimed results.

  • You need to drink lots of plain water throughout your detox process. You should also drink the 28 Day tea consistently twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.
  • You should also try to reduce your food portion and start watching your diet. The weight loss impact of the tea is very low, and a poor diet can easily counteract the weight loss benefits provided by the tea.
  • After drinking the tea and the constant urination, you will notice a lighter body due to the water loss. However, if you wish to maintain your new reduced weight, you must also perform daily exercises.

There are also several things that you want to keep in mind before purchasing this product.

  • If you have decided to purchase this 28 Day Detox tea product, buy it from the official website as it costs slightly cheaper.
  • The company provides 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and is contactable via However, the sale is final, and there is no money-back policy. You may only cancel the order before its finalized.

Summary on My 3 Month’s Fit Tea Detox 28 Day Journey

Fit Tea is one of the best alternatives to other weight loss pills and fad diet out there. It contains natural herbal ingredients and sweeteners. With the pleasant taste, I found it not difficult to remain steadfast with this detox drinks.

Despite the mild diuretic effects, it did not harm my body in any other ways. Plus, with the new healthy diet and continuous daily workouts, my dream body weight is easily achievable. Perhaps, you want to give it a try yourself and see the results on your body. Just keep in mind about several important things (e.g. loose-leaf tea, side effects, and costs) that I have shared in this Fit Tea Detox 28 Day reviews.

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