Learn How to Detox Your Body with Tea Drinks

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Harmful toxins get into our body every single day, get builds up throughout times and it makes us lousy as the day passes. Not all of us have the discipline to detox our system continuously.

We nonchalantly live with the built-up, ever-increasing junks and chemical substances inside our bodies. Perhaps, the lack of motivation to detox our body on a daily basis is due to the stereotype that we build inside our mind.

We think detoxing takes lots of our time, and it messes with our daily schedule. However, we fail to notice that we are always drinking a powerful substance that many swears give tons of benefits to our body. It is tea. In this article, we will share with you some of the ways to detox your body with tea drinks.

The Popular Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the holy grail of healthy drinks. It packs numerous antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals that are good for our body.

Many health-conscious folks and gym-goers take this healthy drink as their main staples. It makes sense to see them honor green tea as it brings so many benefits and following are some of them.

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  • Your metabolism rate increases after drinking this tea due to the high antioxidant property. With the increased metabolism, it consequently results in an improved fat burning process and ultimately weight loss.
  • It also acts as a great healing tool as it assists in reducing the risk of cancers, arthritis, and diabetes.
  • Green tea can help you fight colds and flu in the winter season due the improved immunity effect that tea provides.
  • Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be avoidable with green tea.
  • Green tea also acts as a great after-training drink as it produces a decent rehydration effect to your body, just like regular plain water.

Above are just some of the benefits of green tea that we can provide for you here. However, there is another type of tea that can generate ten times the power of regular green tea – Japanese Matcha Tea!

Introducing Japanese Matcha Tea

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If you think green tea is the best and most powerful tea ever, you might want to think again! Do you know that a cup of Japanese Matcha tea equals to 10 cups of green tea? It is greener than green tea! And because of this, Matcha Tea has become a favorite tea in Japan.

Recently, it starts to gain its reputation globally and has been included in many detox plans. Followings are some of the benefits of this tea.

If you still doubt about it, see more on how this tea can help you.

  • It has a high level of catechins, an antioxidant substance, which seeks and finds harmful free radicals inside your body. It is an excellent cancer preventer.
  • Matcha tea can also decrease the LDL (the bad) cholesterol and ultimately hinder you from committing heart disease.
  • This herbal drink also increases the amount of thermogenesis from an approximately 8% to a staggering 35% and promotes fat burning.
  • Matcha Tea contains five times L-theanine (an acid amino that helps with neurological functionalities) than any regular green tea.

There are two main parts when it comes to detoxing your body with tea. The first part is for the purpose of refreshment or rejuvenation whereas the second part relates to colon cleansing in the evening.

The morning rejuvenation is to replace the lost electrolytes and vitamins due to yesterday’s colon cleansing process. A morning tea typically contains a set of ingredients with high antioxidants and vitamins.

If you wish to drink your Matcha tea in the morning, try to include ingredients such as Acai Berry, Ginseng, Spirulina and Barley Grass. You may add your favorite natural sweetener to enhance the flavor of your tea such as lemon, honey, stevia, mulberries or ginger powder.

Japanese Matcha Tea to Cleanse Your Colon in the Evening

If you wish to remove the unwanted chemical substance from your system, a total full body tea detox routine is mandatory. When it comes to this rapid colon cleansing process, there is an ingredient you want to pay attention to – senna leaf.

It has a natural, FDA-approved laxative effect that can make you visit the bathroom more frequently than normal. Create a blend of detox tea that can increase the effect of colon cleanse. Followings are some of the ingredients that we would like to suggest to you.

  • Dandelion plant
  • Nettle leaf
  • Dried orange peel
  • Liquorice root
  • Lemongrass

You may also add other types of nutrients, fiber, and vitamins to create a perfect detox colon cleanse blend.

Detox Your Body with Fixed Routines

Adding a detox drink into your daily diet is easier than you think. It is non-intrusive and simple to do. How? Check out the recommended routines below.

Morning Tea Detox Routine

Kick-start your metabolism early in the morning by drinking a lemon ginger drink. Boil a pot of water and add slices of lemons or juice, as well as ginger. The lovely smell will make you fully awake too. After twenty minutes, prepare yourself another cup of morning refresh tea. Add the ingredients mentioned above to create the energy and rejuvenation boost that you need to go through with your day.

During the Day

Drink several cups of regular tea or green tea throughout the whole day. You may also add additional ingredients to enhance the smell and flavor of your drinks. Try Jasmine for once. You will love it.

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Night Colon Cleanse Routine

Again, prepare a cup of tea for your night drink based on the suggestions made in the section above. Perform this full day routine for a week, two weeks or a month to see the benefits of detox tea on your body.

Just like any other detox plans, you must remember to change your eating habit (from not-so-healthy to healthy, balanced diets). Only then will you be able to see the positive changes to your health.

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