Health benefits of detox tea

Benefits of detox tea 1

Detox tea is a great way to start detoxfying your body. It is a really good beginning for the detoxification of your body provided you already ease up your organs by following a simple diet routine by increasing your vegetable intake and reducing intake of certain substances like alcohol, processed and dairy products, and meat etc. Detox has immense health benefits that will be discussed in details in the next section. However, you must remember that drinking detox is just a part of the detoxification process and it is not the only requirement.

Health benefits of detox tea

Benefits of detox tea

Herbal or detox tea is an extremely effective tool for detoxification. It is one of the best ways to increase the water intake of your body. Also, its medicinal benefits are many in number. If you are planning on using it for detoxification, then drink it between meals. Do not drink it while having a meal. Doing so could dilute your digestive juices and inhibit your digest. You should always drink it while it’s hot in order to make it most effective. Detox tea has essential oils contained inside that have immense positive effects on your overall health.

Let us have a look at some of the most important benefits of detox tea that will surely help in our day to day lives:

Reducing appetite and associated cravings

Benefits of detox tea 2

This is one of the most important benefits of detox tea. It directly affects your appetite reducing the cravings that you get. Many people often feel hungry during most times of the day. Unfortunately, the diet we consume daily is usually rich in carbohydrates but lacking in protein and fibres. This is especially harmful to people looking to lose weight. In case you fall in the latter category, you should opt for eating nutrient dense food instead of carbohydrate rich food. Eggs, fish, lean meat and chicken legumes are the best choice for high protein diet whereas green vegetables are a rich source of fibre. Detox tea can reduce your cravings for food and, therefore, reduce your snack intake. This is the very first step to weight loss. Hunger cravings are very powerful and it is often difficult to resist such urges for a long time. Detox tea can help you reduce such cravings, therefore, aiding your weight loss.

Catalyse digestion

Detox tea can aid your digestive process and help you better digest your food. Certain natural compounds are released inside your body once you drink detox tea. These compounds have the property of speeding up the digestion process while emptying the colon. This means that it also promotes excretion and thus helps in removing waste products from the body faster. This in turn inhibits chances of constipation and bloating. Detox tea is known to be a dilaurate and can cause an increase in urination which is also a positive effect.

Benefits of detox tea 3Toxin removal

Removal of harmful toxins from your body is the single most important use of detox tea. It assists the liver to detoxify the body. Smoke, alcohol, caffeine and other such harmful substances present in the body are effectively removed using detox tea. Detox tea achieves this feat by activating detoxifying enzymes in the liver and this detoxifying process keeps the liver from getting damaged. Detoxification of these substances is important in order to lead a perfectly healthy life by keeping the liver safe and working like it should.

Strengthening immune system

Your health is completely dependent on the strength of your immune system to fight back diseases and infection causing viruses and bacteria. Thankfully, herbal or detox teas are composed of antioxidants that help serve this important purpose. Therefore, drinking detox tea regularly is a must in order to strengthen your immune system. This is especially true for people who are easily affected by flu and other seasonal diseases. It forms a protective shield on your body that does not allow invasion of foreign radicals that may have detrimental effects on your health leading to a consistent healthy life full of energy.

Benefits of detox tea 4Increase in metabolism

The basic metabolism rate of your body must be increased in order to burn those extra calories that are responsible for extra fat. The metabolism rate is a very important factor which helps to metabolise the food keeping your body fit and your health perfect. Detox teas have thermogenic effects that help burn calories at a higher rate thus decreasing the fat storage in your body.

Raise your energy level

Some people feel lethargic all the time. This is due to lack of energy. Fortunately, detox teas can help restore your energy level and make you feel alive and more active. To lead a healthy life, it is essential to remain active. Being active also helps us better concentrate on our work and perform better in daily activities. A fresh and rejuvenated body also has positive effects on the mind and soul.

Improve skin complexion

Your skin tone is directly affected by your internal organs. Detoxifying your internal organs with detox tea can help improve your skin complexion to a great extent. Celebrities often resort to detox tea for glowing and flawless skin texture. Remember, skin is the largest organ of human body and, therefore, detoxifying your body will certainly have positive effects on this organ. It is, however, also important to remember that the skin may often get patchy or itchy before it clears up. This is also a sign that you have successfully detoxified your body.

Benefits of detox tea 5A lighter feeling

Detox tea definitely makes you feel lighter. This is because it catalyses the digestive process while emptying the colon at the same time. Thus, you always feel light as air. However, always remember not to overeat while you are undergoing detoxification. This is also why you should have light meals and drink detox tea in-between such meals. 

Anti-ageing effects

Detox tea has anti-oxidising properties as mentioned before. Antioxidants have been proven to have anti-ageing effects as ageing is directly related to the oxidising property of the body. With the right kind of treatment, you could roll back years of your life and look and feel much younger and healthier.

Benefits of detox tea 6

Healthier hair growth

While it is certainly untrue that detox tea can prevent male pattern baldness, it can definitely promote healthier and faster hair growth with much more shine and bulk. This proves that a healthy hair growth is promoted by detox tea. Detoxifying your body leads to uninhibited hair growth. This is certainly one of the most important side benefits of detox tea and detoxification in general.

Better breath odour

Bad breath odour is directly related to toxicity of the colon. Cleansing the colon with detox tea can help you to have better breath odour. Detox tea accelerates the emptying process of the colon thus improving breath odour.

As you can see, detox tea has a lot of health benefits and its detoxifying property is extremely useful. Detox tea is also very safe for your body and does not have any harmful effects since it is made up of natural herbs having natural properties. However, consuming too much of anything is not good and, therefore, you must consume it following a prescribed routine and in between meals preferably.

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