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Fit Tea is a healthy detox drink that can purify your digestive system from any toxins and wastes, as well as provide the weight loss effect that you desire. It contains up to nine herbal ingredients (e.g. Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Ginger, Pomegranate, Rooibos, Birch, Guarana, Stevia, Corn and Honey Powder) and serves many health-related purposes

Green juices, fruit drinks and detox tea are some of the great diet drinks that can help a person to lose some pounds from his body, as well maintaining the ideal weight.

If you have not tried this healthy drink before and would like to give it a go and see its result, Fit Tea is the best brand to start. So, what is so great about this drink? Besides than cleansing your system, it functions as a great appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and energy provider.

In this Fit Tea detox reviews, we will make an assessment on this tea and check out its benefits. This fit tea reviews will make you realize that besides exercising and controlling your eating habit, consuming a diet drink can assist you in shedding the fat and cleansing your body.

fit tea reviews

Product Overview

fit tea review

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Fit Tea is a healthy detox drink that can purify your digestive system from any toxins and wastes, as well as provide the weight loss effect that you desire.

It contains up to nine herbal ingredients (e.g. Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Ginger, Pomegranate, Rooibos, Birch, Guarana, Stevia, Corn and Honey Powder) and serves many health-related purposes. There are two different packaging you can choose from – 14 Day Tea Detox and 28 Day Tea Detox.

Both come in a format of loose tea leaves, and you will need to use a strainer or infuser to prepare your tea. It is highly recommendable to drink Fit Tea twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Even though the tea contains lots of herbs, it does not produce any weird smell. n fact, the pleasant taste might surprise you as it entertains your taste bud. Plus, you may also add your personal favourite sweeteners such as honey or lemon.

Fit Tea is suitable for men and women at all groups of ages. Besides than tea product, the company also produces several other herbal supplements that provide cholesterol control (Garcinia Cambogia) and fat belly blaster (Forskolin).

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Product Effectiveness

Fit Tea is not a new product. The brand is a well-known detox tea drink amongst healthy dieters and tea lovers. Thousands of happy users attested in many fit tea detox reviews on how great the taste of the tea is, as well as its remarkable weight loss effect.

Plus, they also commented on the success of it in controlling hunger, cleansing the digestive system and maintaining the ideal body weight. In this fit tea reviews, we will review the effectiveness of this detox tea drinks!

As mentioned earlier, this product acts as a detox drink that can help you in several aspects of losing weight and being healthy.

It Makes You Feel Full for a Very Long Hours

Fit tea detox drink helps you feel full for as long as six hours. It tones down your hunger and suppress your food cravings effectively. By drinking it on a daily basis, you will crave that cupcake or cookies less and less each day.

It Enhances Your Body Metabolism

It also acts as a metabolism booster. It promotes your body to process your consumed food quickly and effectively. As a result, the weight of your body will no longer prone to uncontrollable fluctuation.

It Gets Rid of Excessive Water

Our body contains water – beneficial and not-so-beneficial ones. Sweating is one of the major mechanisms that help to shed excessive water. However, you can also make use of liquid drink to help you remove the watery toxin. How? Well, the herbal ingredients inside the product help to reduce the amount of unwanted waste inside your body.

It Cleanse Your Digestive System

Scientific study has proven that tea, per se, does not have the ability to detox your body. However, with a high content of antioxidant inside the high-quality loose tea leaves, it does support your body’s detoxification. The antioxidant substance can also reduce the stress within you and remove free radicals from lingering inside your system.

User Feedbacks

Fit Tea is one of the best detox tea drinks that are currently available in the market. It is the top choice for many consumers, besides than Yogi Tea, The Republic of Tea and Easy E-Z Herbal Tea. There are many testimonials out there that declared the effectiveness of this detox tea drink.

In this fit tea detox reviews, we will compile several of the helpful comments, hoping that it will be able to help you to see the positive results that the product has to offer.

  • Testimonial #1 – Mrs Roger bought the 28 Day Plan tea drink and shared it together with her sick husband. After drinking it consistently for about seven days, she lost more than six pounds, and her waistline had gone down two inches. She loves to drink it both hot and cold, and it has now become her favourite daily drink!
  • Testimonial #2 – S. Bassey loved the smell of the detox tea. She noticed that there was a slight aftertaste, but it was very mild that it did not bother her at all. After drinking it, she lost 3 pounds and noticed an increased alertness in the morning!
  • Testimonial #3 – Roxanne lost a staggering 8 pounds after starting drinking the 14 Day plan packaging. She always drinks the tea 30 minutes before her breakfast meal, and she recommends others to do the same to achieve the similar result.

Reviews from Real Users:

Advantages and Disadvantages

To help you consider this product further, we will also share with you several advantages and disadvantages of this drink in this fit tea detox reviews.


  • The product contains safe and natural ancient herbal ingredients that the Chinese has been using for thousands of years.
  • The tea will make you feel full for a long time, and you will notice that you eat and crave less with this detox drink – it indirectly creates a weight loss effect.
  • It will make you feel lighter and healthier with the natural immune system booster elements in the tea.
  • It detoxifies your body naturally with the ingredients such as green tea and ginger.


  • Without a proper eating and side exercises, the Fit Tea alone might not be able to give you the desired result.
  • Several customers complained about the aftertaste of the tea, but you can always add a natural sweetener to enhance the flavor.

Why Should We Buy This?

So, why should you buy this, instead of other detox tea brands out there in the market? Well, this fit tea reviews seek to answer that question. With its well-established reputation, certified natural ingredients, great flavor, and many success stories. And be sure to check out for more reviews at our Home Page.

Fit Tea can give you what you want – increased energy, fewer cravings, system detoxification and weight loss! Plus, the price is also reasonable and not too expensive. There is no expiry date for the tea, so you can keep and drink it for as long as you want.

Product Summary

Fit Tea is a great detox tea drink that will make you feel more alert and focused in the morning. After drinking it, you will feel full for as long as six hours.

It makes you want to eat less and, as a result, you will notice several pounds reduction on your weight scale within just a few weeks. It is healthy, affordable and safe to drink, which makes it one of the best detox tea drink options in the market!

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