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Tea is perhaps one of the most consumed healthy drinks in the world. The Turkish, Chinese, Indians, Egyptians and Asians love them, so does the Europeans and the Americans. For hundreds of years, tea has been accepted as a great drink for general health purposes. Today, many health-conscious folks and practitioners treat this magical drink as one of the weight loss tools. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best tea for weight loss and see how they can help you to lose weight.

Drinking Tea help for your weight loss progress?

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the substances found in the tea leaves can help to promote weight loss. The tea product, especially green tea, can boost up our metabolism rate, break down fat cells, increase the fat burning process, and burn the calories of the consumed food. All these benefits eventually lead to an actual pound lost as well as smaller waistline.

Another benefit of drinking tea is that it suppresses your appetite and sugar craving very effectively. When you have no desire to eat extravagantly, you experience a maintained weight loss, and this is one of the reasons many people include this drink into their regular diet. The tea gives immediate, and continuous weight loss results to the drinkers.

However, it is also important to note that the above effects are rather mild and modest if you do not combine them with other efforts such as cutting down carbohydrates, eating more veggies, and exercising regularly. Plus, it is also crucial to drink the tea in the right way.

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The Best Weight Loss & Detox Tea Brands

Organic tea drinks are great detox drinks that you can use as an aid to detoxify your digestive system. It is a product of several herbal blends that are famous for its functionalities as liver or colon detox. Some of them produce a laxative effect. It is a good thing especially if you wish to shed some of the extra pounds from your body. Followings are the four brands of the best tea for weight loss that you should consider.

Baetea 14-Day Teatox

Baetea THE BEST Weight Loss Tea

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One of the top tea drinks you can try is Baetea 14-Day Teatox. It promotes body cleansing with the help of traditional herbs found in this product. Some of the included ingredients are Oolong Wu Yi Tea, organic rooibos, pomegranate, ginger, guarana, and stevia as a natural sweetener.

Besides than eliminating toxins from your body and aids your digestion, this detox tea can also boost up your energy and improve your mood.

You can expect zero laxative effect with this Baetea drink, thanks to the use of senna leaves instead of extract. The color of the tea is light golden brownish and the drink itself tastes rather great.

There is no need to add sugar as it already tastes sweet all by itself. When you first opened the tea bag, the aroma will catch you right away. The packaging is for 14 days, but it should last you more than that.

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

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Yogi is one of the top tea manufacturers in the world. You can trust the company to produce high-quality and great tasting tea drinks. For a weight loss purpose, you may try the Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea.

There are 16 tea bags available in the packaging, and it costs less than $30 on It features organic green tea and ginseng as the main herbs and uses blueberry to enhance its flavor. The taste of the tea might be a little bland with a tiny punch of the berry fruit.

Therefore, you might want to include your favorite sweetener to create the best tasting tea ever. Due to its detox nature, you should also expect some bowel movement after drinking this tea.

You will notice an increased urination. It is a good thing as it proves that the drink is doing its job in cleansing and detoxifying your colon. Sooner rather than later, your weight should gradually decrease – all it takes is some patience and consistency.

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Diet Tea

Easy E-Z Weight Loss Diet Tea - Appetite Control, Body Cleanse and Detox

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If you need a tea drink that can control your appetite, cleanse, and detox your body, Easy E-Z Weight Loss Diet Tea is a product worthy of your consideration. Hundreds of tea fans have given this detox tea a try and most of them love the taste of it.

It supports weight loss by shedding water weight, preventing fat absorption, and increasing the fat burning process inside your body.

When you first start drinking the Easy E-Z tea, you just need to drink one tea bag per day. It is ideal to brew it for five minutes in hot water.

Once your body gets used to the tea, you may increase the cups of tea. After about a month, you should start losing the weight – as frequent as one pound per day! Just remember to drink lots of plain water while doing the tea drinking routine. The last thing you want is a slim and unhealthy body!

Matcha Organics Green Tea

100 USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract - Fat Burner  Weight Loss Diet Supplement and Metabolism Booster

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It is an organic matcha green tea that packs tons of health benefits to your body. It assists fat burning four times faster than any average tea.

If you would like to lose some weight, make a cup of Matcha Organics Green Tea and drink it at least 30 minutes before starting your workout session. You do not have to worry about any negative side effects (e.g. increased heart rate hot flashes, etc.) or laxative impact.

The tea drink is all natural and mild. Plus, it is a great substitute for your coffee and can give you the kick-start that you need early in the morning.

One of the great features of this product is that it is 100% Matcha powder without any additional ingredients. The tea water has a muddy, light green color, and the taste is mild and smooth. Do not like it hot? Make a smoothie instead!

More Types of Tea that Can Help You Lose Weight

The methods above allow you to take full advantages of the antioxidant level found in your tea drinks. Start you weight loss journey by choosing some of the most efficient types of tea. They are all flavorful, packed with health benefits and act as a great weight loss aid.

Green Tea

Combining green tea with a workout session is an excellent way to lose weight. A 12-week study showed that participants who drink four to five cups of green tea before a 25-minute exercise lost an average of two more pounds than those who did not take any tea drink before the session. The green tea produces a rapid fat-blasting effect, thanks to the compound called catechins. It triggers the release of fat from the body fat cells and promotes the liver to convert the released fat into energy. For such fat cell unlocking impact, you may want to start drinking Lipton or Yogi Green Tea before hitting the gym.

Recommend Green Tea for Daily Use: Bigelow Green Tea or check out for more green tea option.

Oolong Tea

The second best type of tea for weight loss is oolong tea. This ancient Chinese ingredient can boost up your metabolism rate like no other. Have you tasted Oolong tea before? It has a tasty floral taste and just like green tea, packed with catechins. If you are to drink oolong tea regularly in the full course of six weeks, you should be able to lose over six pounds within that period. It is a fact showed in a study published in Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine. In addition to that, it also gives you a calming effect, and this is a great drink to have before your nerve-wracking public speech or after a long hard day at work. Some of the best tasting oolong tea in the market are Bigelow and Stash Oolong tea.

Recommend Oolong Tea for Daily Use: Prince of Peace Oolong Tea

Mint Tea

All of us know that we need to watch the food that we eat to keep an ideal body weight and optimum state of health. One of the tea products that can dampen your uncontrollable craving is mint tea. If a Cinnabon scent can trigger hunger, mint tea does the opposite. It suppresses your appetite. Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine published a study that showed people who sniffed peppermint for every two hours lost an average of five pounds per month. Put some varieties in your tea drinking habit today by drinking mint tea once in a while. The mint tea drinks from Twinings, Tazo, Teavana and The Republic of Tea are some of the product options that you can try.

Recommend Mint Tea: Bigelow Mint Medley Herbal Tea

White Tea

Tea normally undergoes several processing methods. However, white tea is the least processed (they simply pick and dry the leaves under the sun) and has the richest source of antioxidants compared to other types of tea. In fact, it has a triple amount of polyphenols than green tea. With the high level of ingredients in white tea, it makes sense to learn that it has the powerful fat cells break down as well as fat cell formation blocking effect. The proof is obvious from a study published in Nutrition and Metabolism journal. It is the ideal type of diet tea drink that melts down stubborn fat cells and lead to a significant weight loss when coupled with a positive change of lifestyle. The Republic of Tea and Bigelow produced some of the delicious organic white tea.

Recommend White Tea for Daily Use: Uncle Les’s Tea- Organic White Tea

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is an exclusive type of tea that hails from a small region in South Africa. It originates from the leaves of red bush plants. It contains a unique and beneficial ingredient called Aspalathin, which is good for your belly. This substance can regulate the fat-storage and stress hormones. Besides than the weight loss benefit, Rooibos tea is highly recommendable for those who suffered hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance. Are you looking forward to drinking a tasty Rooibos tea? Give Yogi’s Chai Rooibos a try!

Recommend Rooibos Tea: Davidson’s Organic South African Rooibos

The Right Ways to Drink Tea for Weight Loss

Now that you know the benefits of tea, perhaps it is about time that you get the kettle out from your kitchen cabinet and start boiling water for your tea. You can either use the conventional tea bag products for quick and easy fixing or choose the most traditional route by infusing the loose-leaf tea yourself for a better aroma and flavor. Ideally, you should opt for the latter. The first step to making the healthy drink a part of your routine is that you need to enjoy your tea. Hence, choosing the right brand with the right taste is the key.

There are many tea brands in the market such as The Republic of Tea, Yogi, Lipton, Twinings, and many others. Make your pick and go from there. The next right way to drink tea for weight loss relates to the method that you use to brew the tea. Boil your water to almost boiling temperature since it is in the most optimum temperature for tea.

Then, pour it over the tea leaves. Let it steep for three to four minutes so that the leaves have the chance to expand and infuse its flavor into the water. You may choose to add some ice cubes to the drink if you prefer to drink it cold in the hot afternoon. However, you should know that melted ice can dilute your tea and negatively impacts its effectiveness.

Next, consider the frequency of tea consumption. According to scientific research, the best dosage of tea revolves around three to five cups daily. Therefore, you can take one cup of hot tea in the morning, another one during lunch, teatime, and dinner.

Try not to drink it before your bedtime since the amount of caffeine might interfere with your sleeping routine. The next question that you might have in mind is how many leaves to put in a cup. Well, it is up to your personal taste. The more you put, the strong the taste will be. How about those bottled tea extracts? Yes, you can use them too. A 1 milliliter of green tea extract equals to the benefits of drinking eight to ten cups of freshly brewed green tea.

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Last Words

The recommended tea drinks above are perfect in speeding up your weight loss progress. They do not only give you the reduced weight that you dream of, but also serves as a tasty drinking options to spice up your diet.

You can either have them hot and refreshing in the morning or cold and rejuvenating in the hot afternoon. If you are consistent enough and willing to make it a permanent part of your life, it can also be the reason for a healthier and disease-free life. The risk of you having diabetes, cancer and heart diseases will be minor, and you should be able to feel fit and young for many years to come!

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