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All of us are familiar with those well-packaged tea bags, but not many have the experience of infusing and straining the loose leaf tea. Perhaps, it is about time to leave the comfort tea-bag zone and embark on an adventure of tasting the original loose leaf tea. Now, you might wonder what would be the best loose leaf tea brands out there that you can try. This best loose leaf tea review seeks to help you in finding the best tasting loose leaf that are currently available in the market. We have compiled five different brands that deliver aromatic, fine-graded leaves and produce flavorful tea drink. Before we check out those brands, let us learn a little bit more information about this type of tea.

The Best Loose Leaf Tea Brands

In this best loose leaf tea review, we have compiled five different products that should be able to offer you pleasant loose-leaf-tea drinking experience. These are high-quality tea products that are both delicious and affordable. Try each one of them and select your personal favorite!

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green - Full Leaf, Loose Leaf, Temple of Heaven Green Tea, 16 Ounce Bag

Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea is highly recommendable to those who want to drink good grade of tea without breaking their bank account. With a cost of only $16.63, you will be able to enjoy what other avid drinkers love to enjoy – a high-quality loose leaf tea drink.

$16.63 on Amazon
Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder is a high-quality loose leaf tea product that offers 100% organic green tea leaves. This particular Temple of Haven Green Tea is rich in antioxidant, fluoride and calcium and can provide you the caffeine punch that you need. It emits great aroma and offers an excellent taste of tea. You should be able to notice the Jasmine scent and the tea has a subtle and light flavor – perfect for a newbie or mild drinker. Each bag consists of 16 ounces of leaves, and it should be enough to last for months.  

Rishi Tea Turmeric Ginger

Rishi Tea Turmeric Ginger, Loose Leaf, 2.47 Ounce
$7.50 on Amazon

Also Great

Rishi Tea Turmeric Ginger, Loose Leaf

If you wish to avoid caffeine but still would like to enjoy a good cup of tea, Rishi herbal tea is a perfect choice for you. It has a mild herbal taste, and there is no extreme bitterness and blandness that can numb your tongue. Plus, it is good for you health!
Rishi is an established company that is popular for its top-notch tea products. One of the best loose leaf tea products from Rishi that you might want to consider is Rishi Tea Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea that offers both flavors and freshness. It has a good mix of herbal ingredients, which make it a very healthy drink. Some users who suffered cold or flu during the winter season attested that this Rishi herbal drink helped them to soothe down their sickness. You should be able to enjoy the zesty and citrus taste of this tea, produced by the orange, ginger and turmeric ingredients. Steep the loose leaf tea in hot water for five minutes and you should be able to enjoy great tasting tea.

Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Tea

Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire Gold Tea, Loose Leaf, 8.8 Ounce Package
$7.55 on Amazon

Also Great

Yorkshire Gold Tea, Loose Leaf

It is a sweet, smooth tasting tea that is perfect for mild drinkers. However, for avid tea fans who love to have their drink strong and a little bit bitter, you can steep it for a longer period to enjoy such rich flavor.
Yorkshire Gold Tea from Taylors of Harrogate is another tea product that let you experience a proper brew. It features several well-known tea such as Assam, Ceylon, and Africa tea leaves. It is a mild tasting tea that is highly drinkable. The caffeine content in this drink can perk up your mind, and its flavorful taste can entice you to have a second or third cup of the day. It is best to drink it hot and still tastes great with some added ice cubes. The ideal steeping time of this tea is between five to six minutes. Just remember to use tea infusers since the leaves in this Yorkshire Gold Tea look almost like coffee grounds – they are fine-chopped.

Harney & Sons Paris Flavored Black Tea

Harney & Sons Paris Loose Leaf Tea, 4 Ounce Tin
$7.88 on Amazon

Also Great

Harney & Sons Paris Loose Leaf Tea

It is indeed full of unique flavors, and if you are up to give your taste bud a little bit of adventure, give it a try. Who knows? You might find the sweet flavor surprisingly pleasant.
Ladies might love this particular tea product – Paris Flavored Black Tea from Harney & Sons. The tea produces a fruity and sweet taste of the blackcurrant, caramel, and vanilla. There is also lemony Bergamot flavor that enhances the unique taste of this black tea. I prefer to steep this tea in between four to five minutes, and the taste is strong enough to give me a kickstart to my day. With the price of only $7.88, you will get yourself a full 4 ounces of loose leaf black tea, and that should last for quite some time.

Tea Forte Single-Steep

Tea Forte Classic SINGLE STEEPS Loose Leaf Tea Sampler, 15 Single Serve Pouches - Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Black Tea

Tea Forte Classic SINGLE STEEPS

- Nice loose leaf tea for beginners
- Very Delicious Taste

$15.75 on Amazon
Tea Forte Single-Steep is a perfect option that you should consider if you just started to get a taste of loose leaf tea. It offers five different flavors in a single product, and you can get a sample of taste for each variety. It is a mixture of black tea, green tea, and USDA organic herbal tea. The flavors include Earl Grey Black Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea, Green Mango Peach Green Tea, Chamomile Citron Herbal Tea and Ginger Lemongrass Herbal Tea. To make it easier for you, the manufacturer did the pre-portion on your behalf and organized them into 15 packages where each one fits well in a single pot or a 12-ounce cup. Some users loved the magnificent smell of this tea and others were not impressed with the quality of the chopped leaves.

Bottom line – It is, indeed, the best loose leaf tea for beginners who do not have any experience in organizing the tea leaves or those who are too busy to portion up their loose leaf.

Comparison Table

 Tea ForteNumiRishiTaylors of HarrogateHarney & Sons
Type of TeaGreen tea, black tea & herbal teaGreen teaHerbal teaBlack teaBlack tea
OrganicYesYes YesNoNo
Taste RatingGreatExcellentGreatExcellentExcellent
Quality Rating4.3 stars4.7 stars4.3 stars4.5 stars4.6 stars

Why Tea is So Healthy?

Tea contains a substance called L-theanine that promotes significant mental acuteness. The dose of caffeine found in tea boosts up the effect by a notch and create a complete mental awareness, and this is great for those who often feel sluggish in the morning. Several studies from the UK and Japan indicated that consumption of 50 mg L-theanine can increase the alpha wave activity in our brain up to 80 minutes.

Another benefit of tea is cancer prevention. The American Cancer Society explained that the amount of EGCG (a type of catechins) helped to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells, especially lung cancer and brain tumor cells. Other reasons that should make you want to include tea into your diet are:

  • Tea can control your high blood pressure
  • It enhances your immune system
  • It assists in weight loss
  • It can reduce stress

Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Tea Bags – What is the Difference?

So, what are the differences between loose leaf tea and tea bags? Well, in general, loose leaf tea comprises of higher quality tea leaves than the ones found in tea bags. The bag version usually contains the dust and fannings of the broken tea leaves. As you can see, there is a little bit of compromise in this particular tea format. That is also the reason the tea water infused from tea bags are bitter and astringent. Plus, the small bag does not allow the leaves to flow freely and emit an aromatic scent and full flavor.

All of the characteristics of tea bags above make me prefer loose tea leaves. It includes whole, unbroken tea leaves that are rich in essential oil and aroma. When steeped, the leaves expand to release a range of minerals, vitamins, flavors, and aromas into the water. Plus, loose leaf tea comes from specific fertile regions or countries, and only includes the high-quality grade of leaves into the product. The tea bags involved industry-scale production and typically use general types of leaves from just about any region available.

Read more on different with loose leaf tea and tea bag.

Know Your Preferred Taste

One of the keys to finding the best loose leaf tea is that you should know the type of taste that you prefer. By knowing your preferred flavor, you will avoid yourself from spending unnecessary money on a wrong type of tea leaves. When do you often drink your cup of tea? Is it in the morning? If you need some extra punch early in the day to get you going with your daily task, you can consider English Breakfast Tea. It has a darker, earthy taste, and complete with a high dose of caffeine. For beginners who are just starting to convert from coffee to tea, you might want to start off with a milder tea, for example, Oolong or Sencha tea.

Steeping Tea

steep tea

Once you get into the loose leaf tea bandwagon, you should know the right way of steeping tea. Unlike tea bag that you can simply dump into the cup, loose leaf tea requires extra process. First off, you will need to have a tea strainer. Use the one that is big enough to allow the tea to flow freely through the water and expand. Two factors that you should pay attention to when steeping the tea are the steeping time and the water temperature. These two factors vary depending on the type of your tea. The basic rule for the water temperature is that the highly oxidized your tea are (i.e. the darker the color), the hotter the water should be. As for the time, you must let your taste preference set the time. If you wish to have it strong and rich, steep it for eight to ten minutes. If you wish to have a milder flavor, have it between two to three minutes. Do not be afraid to experiment and find your ideal time.

Our Last Words

Above are some of the best loose leaf tea brands currently available in the market for you to try. The whole tea leaves will give you a new experience as you enjoy the rich flavor and aroma in a single cup of tea. Plus, the whole steeping process might make you appreciate this healthy drink even further. Sure, tea bags have been one of the great inventions of the modern days, but sometimes the traditional way of infusing and straining the loose leaf tea might give more pleasure! Check out Teatles on Pinteres.

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