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We hope that this best green tea brand review has helped you to learn a little bit more about green tea diet and which brand to consider. Indeed, it is not only healthy but also easy on your budget. Just remember to enjoy every single sip and have fun with it. You should notice the health benefits if you stick to this healthy drinking habit long enough!

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Green tea is one of the famous healthy drinks that have started to gain a good reputation amongst health advocates and practitioners. The high amount of caffeine inside this organic substance makes it a perfect substitute for coffee.

Plus, it is much easy to brew and costs way cheaper than coffee. If you have just started the tea bandwagon and would like to know which best green tea brand to purchase, you are at a right place.

This best green tea brand review will present to you the selected five premium brands for you to consider. They will not only bring value to your money but also help you to gain some other benefits –  weight loss is one of them! These best green tea brands are Bigelow Green Tea, Numi Organic Tea, Uncle Lee’s Organic Tea, Twinings Green Tea, and Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea.

The Best Green Tea Brand

I hope that all of the sections above have managed to enlighten you about this healthy drink. Let us proceed and learn about some of the best green tea brands that are currently available in the market.

Bigelow Green Tea

Bigelow Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes

Our Best Pick

Bigelow Green Tea

The scent and flavor of this drink are excellent. Some users loved how it created a calming effect when drinking it hot.

Great Product.

$20.75 on Amazon

Overview – Bigelow is one of the best tea brands in the world. It is inexpensive and reliable. Thousands of tea drinkers have given this particular brand a taste and majority of them love it (as proven by the comments written in The product consists of fine, carefully selected tea leaves, grown on mountain hills. The manufacturing process is 100% from America, and its pleasant flavor is highly applaudable.


  • The organic tea contains a high level of antioxidant, and you should be able to reap some of its benefits if you are to consume it every day.
  • It has zero calories and has been certified to be gluten free.
  • The price is very affordable at $20.75 on


  • It contains a significant amount of caffeine, and this makes it unsuitable for certain groups of people.
  • Some commented on its bland taste. If you love to have it a little bit sweeter, feel free to add natural sweeteners such as lemon, honey or stevia.


This best green tea brand packs powerful antioxidants and can help to maintain a good state of health to your body if you drink it daily. The affordable price also helps a lot in saving your bank account. With its reliable brand, organic ingredients and sufficient amount of caffeine and antioxidant, it is worth for you to consider this product.

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green
$16.63 on Amazon

The Runner Up

Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder

With the loose leaf format, you can easily control the amount of tea that you would like to include in your cup.

Price is affordable. The taste can be a tad bit too strong for certain people.

Overview – Numi is another top quality tea product in the market that you can consider. It comes in a format of loose leaf. Hence, a strainer or infuser is a must to fix a cup of this green tea. The product is 100% organic, and it is free from any industrial pesticides and chemicals. Each bag has 16 ounces of tea, and it should last for several months. It is so popular that it becomes the number one best new release on in the category of Herbal Tea Beverages!


  • It has a powerful brand power as Numi is also one of the world’s top tea brands in the market.
  • The price is also affordable at only $16.63 per package.
  • There are no artificial flavor or additives added to this organic tea product.


  • To dampen down the bitterness, you can squeeze a good amount of lemon to improve the flavor.
  • Some might think the brewing process to be quite difficult, what with the use of the tea infuser.


Numi Organic Green Tea Gunpowder is an ideal tea option for those who wish to have a fewer caffeine content in their tea drinks. Plus, the Kosher and Halal status makes it appealing to certain religious groups.

Twinings Green Tea

twinings green tea
$41.26 on Amazon

Also Great

Twinings Green Tea

The many flavors provide variations to your tea drinking routine. Also come with K-Cups for easy brewing and quick serving.

Overview – Twinings gains a rating as one of the best green tea brands in the world in It hails from London and has been serving the tea drinkers with high-quality English tea for hundreds of years. This particular product also includes 24-count K-cup. There are also other different flavors provided by Twinings. They are English Breakfast Tea (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Earl Grey Tea, Camomile Tea, Pure Peppermint Tea, Pure Rooibos, and Chai Tea.


  • The price is also affordable at only $41.26.
  • The amount of caffeine can give you the much-needed kickstart in the morning.


  • Some drinkers commented about the strong herbal taste of this product. Some prefer to add their favorite sweeteners to enhance its flavor.
  • The color of the tea drink is gray, and some find this to be not so appealing.


Twinings Green Tea offers another great option to tea lovers out there with this 24-count K-cup green tea. You may give a cup a try and see if it suits well to your taste bud. With hundreds of years experience in manufacturing tea, you can expect this manufacturer to deliver a 100% organic tea leaves and unique tea drinking experience.

Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea

uncle lee's tea organic
$9.02 on Amazon

Budget Pick

Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea

The flavor is moderate; there is no strong bland or bitter taste.

Price is really cheap compare to other.

Overview – Uncle Lee receives great reviews on Hundreds of buyers have given this green tea a try, and almost 80% of them rated it as a 5-star tea product. The tea leaves selected for this product comes from a province in Fujian, China. It serves up to 30 mg of caffeine per cup and with the generous 100 bags, you should not need to worry about filling up your tea stock anytime soon.


  • The planters use natural fertilizer for its crops, and you can ensure a 100% organic product from this brand.
  • The price is very cheap ($9.02) for such organic tea product. Plus, the included tea bags are amazing – 100 bags!


  • The tea bag is too fragile. The string can occasionally rip off from the bag.
  • Some buyers commented about receiving a different product when they purchased this best tea brand from It only contained 30 bags.


Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea is an ideal tea brand for those who would like to do a single purchase and have a long-lasting stock of tea. Plus, it is also organic, and it gives quite a punchy feeling, what with the high amount of caffeine found in this product.

Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea

Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea, 16 Tea Bags
$20.34 on Amazon

Also Great

Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea

The taste of Yogi green tea is very sweet and pleasant, thanks to the Jasmine compound.
The herbal taste of this product might be too strong for some drinkers.

Overview – Yogi is another giant in the tea production industry. One of its best-selling products is Yogi Super Antioxidant Green Tea. There are 16 tea bags included in the packaging, and it features lemongrass as an additional sweetening substance. Some of the ingredients included in this herbal tea drink are licorice root, dandelion root, Irish moss, alfalfa leaf and jasmine green tea leaf.


  • A particular drinker commented how the drinks give him a boost in the morning, and a good amount of milk turns this drink into a lovely dessert.
  • It incorporates other herbs to enhance the antioxidant level in this product. For example, grape seed extract.
  • The price is inexpensive at only $20.34 per packaging.


  • There is a slight aftertaste that might make you uncomfortable.


Yogi Green Tea is an herbal drink that incorporates many beneficial herbal ingredients to boost up its healthy value. You might take some time to get used to the unique taste of this herbal drink, but the overall benefits that it gives to your body will make you purchase it for a second time.

Comparison Table

BigelowNumiUncle Lee’sTwiningsYogi
TypeTea bagsLoose leafTea bagsK-cupsTea bags
Amount240 bags16 ounce100 bags24-count16 bags
Quality Rating4.7 stars4.5 stars4.6 stars4.6 stars4.5 stars

The Country of Origin

Green Tea is native to China and India. Besides than ginseng, ginger and cinnamon, green tea is also a fundamental ingredient in Chinese and Indian traditional medicines.

The practitioners include dried tea leaves into their drinks and tonic due to the high level of goodness that this particular material able to provide. While these two big countries have been known worldwide to be one of the biggest tea manufacturers, Turkey, Japan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are also the other tea producing countries in the world.

In fact, some of the green tea produced in these countries is way better than the ones produced in China and India. For example, several studies have managed to testify that the tea that hails from Japan and Sri Lanka has fewer contents of chemicals.

Meanwhile, the ones produced in China have a high level of aluminum, lead and cadmium. If you are to go for a grocery shopping and considering buying one of the green teas in the organic section, check out the country origin of the manufacturer and decide from there.

Which One Should I Choose: Organic or Conventional?

Besides than the origin, another important feature that is worth for you to consider is the credibility of the manufacturer itself. Some of the five brands that we discuss are in the list of world’s best tea brands recorded by So, you should be able to drink your tea with full of confidence if you are to purchase one of the green tea products that we discuss here.

When you look at the packaging of the tea, you should notice a label that says “organic.” Some other products on the rack might not have such labeling, so you should know that it is a non-organic, also known as conventional. So, which one should you pick? Well, I prefer to drink the organic tea. This kind of tea typically has fewer uses of pesticides and chemical substances.

Hence, it is more safe and healthy. Besides than trusting the labeling, you can also use the country origin as an indicator for its level of organicness.

Japan and Europe have better policy enforcement when it comes to the use of pesticides amongst their farmers. It indicates that the organic green tea that comes from these two countries (and several others) is highly trustable.

greentea brewing

The Best Version of Green Tea Products

Another element of choosing the best green tea to consume involves the type of tea forms. With the increased popularity of green tea, manufacturers have been trying to offer numerous versions of tea products to the consumer.

You can either purchase the loose leaf version, tea bags, powders and most recently, bottled tea. Obviously, the best way to go when it comes to buying the tea product is by selecting the ones that come raw.

According to a study presented at 2010’s National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, the amount of polyphenol found in a cup of brewed tea is much higher than the amount contained in twenty green tea bottles!

Perhaps it is because of the processing method used in bottling those tea drinks. It significantly reduces the antioxidant content. Besides, the amount of sugar used in the processing makes it less healthy. Therefore, drinking a good brew made by you is a wise decision. You can control the amount of sugar, use a healthier natural sweetener, and reap the benefits of a high level of antioxidant and polyphenols in your cup of tea.

Nutritional Breakdown of Green Tea

Some people call green tea a “superfood.” A research scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital even said that it is the healthiest drink that he could ever think of drinking. If we are to break down the nutrition packed in this drink based on weights, we would see that green tea contains between 20% and 45% of polyphenols and 60% to 80% of catechins.

In general, it only has a small amount of caffeine, about 45 milligrams per cup. If you wish to have a stronger punch of caffeine in the morning, a black tea is an ideal option. However, the high amount of polyphenols and catechins help tremendously in fighting free radicals inside your system and preventing cell damage. They also act as excellent anti- inflammatory and anticarcinogenic agents.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

A personally brewed and flavorful cup of tea can bring so many health benefits to your body. There are quite extensive research studies out there that confirm the advantages of green tea to the overall state of our health. One of the popular benefits that many seem to be able to appreciate is the weight loss effect that it brings to our body. Plus, it also promotes better cholesterol level, a reduced level of high blood pressure, and a lowered risk of getting heart attacks and diabetes Type II.

Read More: Benefit of Green Tea

greentea brewing receipt

Weight Loss Effect By Green Tea

There are some tea manufacturers who tend to exaggerate the weight loss effect of their tea product. Before we promote this kind of benefit, let us set something straight. Drinking the tea itself does not create any significant changes to your weight. It may boost up your metabolism rate, but not accompanying your tea drinking habit with a healthy diet and regular exercises, it is less likely for the weight to go down.

The two important compounds that promote fat burning and increased metabolism rate are caffeine and catechins. There are scientific studies out there that concluded these two contents lead to a better weight loss performance. If you wish to experience a faster decrease of pounds, perhaps, you want to consider adding green tea to your morning meal, together with daily workouts and balanced diet.

A Reduced Level of High Blood Pressure

There was a study done by Chinese scientific scholars that showed how participants who were given 12 millimeters of green tea drinks for at least 12 months managed to reduce 46% risks of committing high blood pressure.

A Lowered Risk of Diabetes Type II

There are mixed findings regarding the effect of green tea on diabetic patients. The positive results stated that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing diabetes type II.

A Lowered Risk of Heart Attacks

Believe it or not, green tea can reduce the mortality caused by many types of diseases. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association said that constant green tea consumption can lower the risk of heart attacks. This study monitored over 40,000 Japanese for more than 11 years since 1994. It concluded that those who drank at least five cups of tea per day had a lower risk of dying because of a cardiovascular disease.

Other Health Benefits of Green Tea

Other findings have also proven that a daily consumption of unsweetened, personally brewed green tea can bring the following health benefits:

  • It reduces stroke risk.
  • Besides than broccoli and pomegranate, green tea can also fight prostate cancer.
  • It enhances our brain’s cognitive functions especially the working memory.
  • It can slow down cancer progression and disrupts the metabolism of cancer cells for pancreatic cancer.

The Side Effects of Green Tea

While drinking green tea can be beneficial to your health, overconsuming it might not. There are some known side effects that this particular drink can create. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might experience anxiety, fastened heart rate, insomnia, nausea, and stomachache. Plus, if you fail to watch your drinking habit and take it with other stimulant drugs, you might also face an uncontrollably increased blood pressure and heart rate.

It is highly recommendable for those who fall into one of the following groups to seek doctor’s consultation before starting green tea diet.

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Those with heart problems and hypertension
  • Those with kidney or liver problems
  • Those with anxiety disorder

Our Last Words

We hope that this best green tea brand review has helped you to learn a little bit more about green tea and which brand to consider. Indeed, green tea diet is not only healthy but also easy on your budget. Just remember to enjoy every single sip and have fun with it. You should notice the health benefits if you stick to this healthy drinking habit long enough!

Bigelow Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes

Our Best Pick

Bigelow Green Tea

The scent and flavor of this drink are excellent. Some users loved how it created a calming effect when drinking it hot.

Great Product.

$20.75 on Amazon
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