10 Best Detox Foods for Your Summer

summer detox

The summer time is a great detox time for your body. The days are sunny, and the weather is warm. In this hot season, your body undergoes a natural detoxing process and makes you feel rejuvenated and energized all day long. There are ten best detox foods that you should eat this summer to enjoy cleaner, healthier and lighter body.

Watermelon Keeps the pH On Your Body Well Balanced

One of the best summer detox food is watermelon. Besides than tasting good, watermelon forms alkaline inside your body. It balances the amount of fat, acidic cells and promotes detoxification. It also contains a high amount of citrulline that produce arginine.

This substance removes ammonia and harmful toxins from your body. This watery fruit also provides you a detox summer with its high fiber content and glutathione. They cleanse your colon and acts as an antioxidant agent respectively. Enjoy a cup of watermelon every day (it contains only 47 calories) and experience weight loss at the same time.

Cucumbers Produces Alkaline and Promote Detoxing Process

Another great alkaline-forming food for your summer detox is cucumbers. It flushes toxins out of your body as you would never believe. It contains high water content and keeps your urinary system moving. With the smooth toxins discharge, you experience lighter and cleaner body this summer.

Slice your cucumber and make a cup of cucumber juice before chilling on your outdoor chair. The best part is that it does not have lots of calories and keeps your diet healthy and balanced.

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Make Some Sugar-Free Lemonade to Detox Your Body

Another great way to enjoy a summer detox is by fixing yourself a good cup of sugar-free lemonade. Just like watermelon and cucumbers, lemons are a great alkalizing food for your body. It restores your pH level and gives an abundance of physical energy.

Plus, your liver will thank you if you eat lemon this summer. It acts as a great stimulant to your liver and a dissolvent for uric acid and other types of poisons. Plus, it fastens bile (a greenish, brownish alkaline fluid that aids digestion) production and it helps to improve metabolism and cleanse your kidneys.

Snack on Blueberries For An Inflammation-Free Summer

Blueberries food

Do you love berries? If you are, try to snack on blueberries this summer, instead of those salty junk foods (e.g. potato chips, fish crackers). Blueberries are a great healing food that provides antiviral and antioxidant properties to your body.

A scientific research made by several researchers from Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition and the University of Eastern Finland states that blueberries can alleviate inflammation. The study shows that this wild fruit contains a high level of dietary anthocyanins.

This substance helps to combat obesity-associated metabolic disturbances. Plus, it also contains an antiviral property that efficiently blocks toxins from crossing the blood-brain barrier and moves seamlessly to the delicate part of your brain.

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Raspberries Acts As A Great Weight Loss Tool

If you want to detox and lose weight this summer, raspberries are a great option for you. It is low in calories and tastes good too. With the low glycemic index of 3, these healthy fruits also have a low effect on your blood sugar. It maintains a good level of your glucose level and protects it from spiking.

Alkalizing Your Body By Eating Spinach

Many experts suggest spinach (some even call it the world’s best food!), and it is for a good reason. This nourishing vegetable contains lots of Vitamin C, manganese, iron, magnesium and copper. Plus, it is also a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. It naturalizes the inflammation that fat cells tend to produce in your body.

Spinach for body detox

Stock Up Your Fridge with Celeries This Summer

Do you know that celery is a negative-calorie food? It takes your body more calories to digest the celery than the calories that the veggie itself contains. It has 95% water, and the rest is fiber.

Sounds like a great weight loss food, correct? You can prepare it in many ways. Even if you steam it, this veggie can still retain its nutrient contents. Blend it to make a tasty celery juice, slice it to include it into your salad and the best way yet, eat it raw!

Control Your Cholesterol Level This Summer By Eating Avocados

Our liver is the most important filtering organ in our body. Help it to detoxify synthetic chemicals by eating lots of avocados this summer. It contains an antioxidant property called glutathione that promotes blood dilution and can significantly lower the cholesterol level inside your body.

It also repairs your liver, and several other studies have proven that it can help to combat cancer. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber. It removes the toxins through your bowel during the detox process.

Flaxseed and Mint Leaf As Additional Ingredients in Your Detox Meals

If you enjoy cooking, try to add flaxseed and mint leaves into your meals. Flaxseed is one of the important ingredients in traditional remedies. It helps to reduce inflammation with its omega three and six fatty acids nutrients.

Plus, the high soluble and insoluble fiber stabilizes the blood sugar and improves the functionality of your intestines. Mints are also another great leaves that you can add to your cooking. Besides than cooling your summer, it also helps you with digestion. It smoothen the flow of bile from your liver to the gallbladder and finally to your small intestine.

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