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fit tea 28 day program

There are many ways to detox our body from the unwanted chemical substances and harmful toxic. One of the easiest and natural ways is by drinking detox tea drinks on a daily basis. Many alternative health practitioners and even, certified physicians, promote such drinks as they help to get rid of the unhealthy fat and toxin from our digestive system.

This tea is really good, few drop of honey or lemon will make it better. If you keep drinking for everyday, it definitely will help for weight loss.
$47.00 on Amazon
When it comes to finding the best detox tea drinks in the market, there are plenty – Fit Tea is one of them. Besides than purifying your body, Fit Tea also leaves a significant weight loss effects with its appetite and sugar craving suppressant elements, as well as metabolism booster material.

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Now, you might wonder whether this will be another overly-positive detox tea reviews that will promote the product blindly and in a biased manner. Let us set one thing straight, this will not be like any regular reviews.

This Fit Tea Reviews will be comprehensive. It will not only bring several reliable and trustable products to your attention, but we will also share with you other additional information. There will be detox tea recipe, price comparisons, and tips on how to cleanse your internal body system.

Plus, you will find our detox plan to be helpful and comprehensive. All of this information will help you to realize the importance of detoxifying your body and ultimately learn about the best detox tea for weight loss that you can purchase for a fast and natural result.

Check out more about this top detox tea in the following section in this Fit Tea Detox Review and how it can give the ideal body weight result!

Bonus section: Check out the benefits of Matcha Tea since Matcha can help you ingest not just the brewed hot water but the whole leaf.

Tables of Contents

  1. Different Brands of Detox Tea
  2. Top 6 Rated Detox Tea
  3. Hand Made Detox Tea Recipe – Special Total Detox Cleanse Recipe
  4. Best Program for Simple and Natural Way to Detox Yourself
  5. Our Recommendations: Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss
  6. Our Final Words

Comparison Tables of Top 6 Detox Tea for 2017

No.BrandPriceTop ProductsOverall Rating
1fit tea 14 day detox

14 Day Package
28 Day Package
5 stars
2yogi detox tea healthy cleansing formula

4.7 stars
314 dayteatox

14 Day Detox Tea4.5 stars
4triple tea leaf

DetoxSuper Slimming4.5 stars
5the republic of tea - ginger peach

Get LostGet Clean5 stars
6easy e-z tea

Herbal Weight LossTea4.5 stars

What is Detox Tea?

Besides than exercising and watching the foods that you consume, there is another alternative way to shed the extra pound on your belly – drink detox tea on a daily basis. So, what is detox tea? It is essentially a type of drink that features several combinations of herbs that can provide all the necessary effects when it comes to detoxifying our body.

Some of the prominent herbs that you can find in a detox tea are green tea, ginger, pomegranate, lemongrass, Oolong Wu Yi, Ginseng, and Rooibos. All these herbs can significantly increase the fat burning process inside your body, boost up your metabolism rate, suppress your appetite, improve mental acuteness and eventually lose the weight on your body.

If you are interested to reduce the measurement of your waistline, cleanse your digestive system and get rid of the toxic inside your body, perhaps, you want to consider detox tea in your diet. There are many popular detox teas in the market.

In this reviews, we will take a look at several of the top brands. They are Fit Tea, Yogi DeTox Tea, 14 Day Detox Tea, Triple Leaf Tea, The Republic of Tea, and Easy E-Z by YoungYou International.

Furthermore, we will explain to you about the best tea in our opinion, known as Fit Tea, and briefly review some of the other products. When it comes to finding the most suitable all-natural weight-loss diet, you can never go wrong with Fit Tea.

It is one of the top detox teas in the market and has been the main choice of those in the US and overseas. It is a great substitute for normal coffee and can feed your need for caffeine effectively. Fit Tea, when drunk twice a day during the day and at night, can help to detox your body. It gets rid of excessive water in your system, suppress your cravings up to six hours, provide natural antioxidants, boost up the immune system and help you to achieve your weight loss dream.

Different Brands of Detox Tea

If you are to search for the optimum solution of tea detox weight loss, you will find several brands stood tall amongst the rest. These popular brands can help you to transform from overweight to slim and thin in the most natural ways possible – through tea liquid diets!

Now, instead of having to do the research yourself, we will make your job of learning and understanding detoxing process easier. We will share with you the main website link of each of the product in this thin tea detox reviews. The top six brands of the detox tea are as followings.

  1. Fit Tea 28 Day Detox Herbal
  2. 14 Day Detox Tea by Hint Wellness
  3. Yogi Detox Tea
  4. 14 Day TeaTox
  5. Triple Leaf Tea
  6. The Republic of Tea
  7. Easy E-Z Tea

Each of the products above is a tea diet drink that blends several carefully picked natural ingredients and herbs. When combined with a healthy eating habit and daily exercise, these products will make you feel healthier and lighter at the same time. Interested to learn more about these slimming teas? Let us proceed and check out more sections.

Top 6 Rated Detox Tea

Fit Tea 28 day detox

Our Best Pick

Fit Tea

This tea is really good, few drop of honey or lemon will make it better. If you keep drinking for everyday, it definitely will help for weight loss.

$47.00 on Amazon

Fit Tea – Fit Tea is one of the best detox tea in the market. When it comes to cleansing your body, it is the ideal option for you. The healthy drink comes in a single packaging in which you will find a blend of nine different herbs.

The herbal ingredients are organic green tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Rooibos, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn, and honey powder. Many customers attested that the tea smells rather nice, and it gives a pleasant taste to its drinker.

There are several fit tea detox reviews that mentioned about it having an aftertaste. However, they are relatively mild, compared to other herbal drinks, and you should find it acceptable. You can even add some honey or lemon slices to add tasty taste to it (more info in the fit tea reviews below).

Fit Tea comes in two different Detox Plans, which are the 14 Day plan and 28 Day plan. Plus, there are also several other supplements that you can get for the purpose of reducing cholesterol and slimming down the fat belly (Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin).

14 day detox by hint wellness
Sale: $21.99 on Amazon
The Runner Up
14 day detox by Hint Wellness

- Tea is quite good and taste. Also it does helped with the bloating.
- Best to drink at night. It helped my body cleanse after 3 weeks.
- You will need to have Tea Infuser to steam the tea.
14 Day Detox Tea ( by Hint Wellness ) – It is a natural and organic herbal drink product that promises cleansing and slimming impacts on your body. It contains several herbal ingredients that we can normally see in any detox drinks.

Senna leaf, honeybush, lemongrass, dandelion, goji berries, ginger and sarsaparilla are some of the herbs that you will find in the drinks. The product contains loose tea leaves that should be enough for a whole 14 days.

You may drink it once a day and should experience a cleansing process few hours after taking it. Unlike any other herbal drinks that can be bitter, this drink has a great fruity taste and smells lovely too.

The tea product from Hint Wellness is a safe laxative that is suitable for both genders and any groups of ages. It contains natural herbal ingredients and does not include any preservatives or additives. It serves its detoxing and slimming purpose by promoting bowel movements.

Hint Wellness 14 Day Detox Tea is available for purchase on The company introduces a brand-new packaging that is more colourful and lively. Together with the packaging, you will also earn the 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

yogi detox tea healthy cleansing formula

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Yogi Detox Tea – Yogi provides over 60 varieties of flavorful organic teas that can result in detoxification and weight loss. It is another top brand that has gained the trust of many customers from all around the world.

Yogi Tea Detox comes in several different tastes, which are original, berry, peach, roasted dandelion spice and skin. The delicious flavors of flowers, fruits, and spices make detox tea drinking a pleasant experience.

The purifying herbs included in the detox tea are dandelion, burdock, black pepper, ginger, long pepper and Indian Sarsaparilla for additional tasty punch. We have conclusion the yogi detox tea reviews and consider Yogi is the best detox tea for weight loss due to its cleansing functionality in two main filtering organs of your body – liver and kidney.

It helps to remove unprocessed sugars, extra fat and dangerous toxins from your system. The included herbs promote smooth blood flow, healthy skin and overall wellness of your body.

14 dayteatox

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14 Day TeaTox – 14 Day TeaTox is another top brand when it comes to intensive digestion cleaning. The product, which is a tea-bag packaging, offers twice-a-day detoxifying tea drinks that come with pure and natural ingredients.

This UK-based product helps to build up the waste matter in your kidney, bowels, skin and lungs and remove toxins from your system.

With the given eating plan and additional detox tea recipe, you should be able to lose some weight without having to give up your favorite foods drastically. If the 14 Day Plan sounds too short for you, you can opt for the 28 Day Plan.

triple tea leaf

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Triple Leaf Tea – It is another herbal tea product that offers a variety of tea options. You can choose one of its products such as Detox Tea, Super Slimming, and Herbal Laxative.

The company adds up to 20 ancient herbal ingredients that promote healthy skin and cleaner digestive system. Each of the boxes has 20 tea bags, and you can consume up to two tea bags per day for it to last up to ten days.

With the huge fan base amongst dieters and high success rate, triple leaf detox tea is the ideal weight loss solution that you can trust.

the republic of tea - ginger peach

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The Republic of Tea – One of the key features that will stand out amongst the rest is its unique and aesthetic looking tin packaging.

The tall cylindrical tea tins have a variety of coloring, and each one represents its included ingredients. The Get Clean product is a caffeine-free option for those who would like to curb their wild cravings and uncontrollable weight problem.

Plus, Republic Of Tea provides energy with its extensive organic products such as cinnamon, tropical banana leaf, carob, and Gymnema.

easy e-z tea

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Easy E-Z Tea – Another top slimming tea is Easy E-Z Tea. Besides than its loss pills, the tea product is another type of diet product distributed by YoungYou Internationals.

It can reduce your hunger for as long as six hours with its appetite suppressant ingredients. Since it does not contain any caffeine or acidic content, the tea is very easy on your stomach.

The tea prevents your intestine from absorbing the excessive fat in your body. The package has 30 tea bags, and you may brew the tea after breakfast and dinner to reach your ideal weight.

Which one is the Best?

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the overabundance of tea slimming options out there. There is no need to fret as we will now present to you the best option for you. This healthy drink is perfect for dieters who would like to shed the unwanted fat on their body and for once and for all, succeed in their weight loss effort.

We have to say that the best product for your detox purpose is Fit Tea. It promotes both weight loss and digestive system cleansing from a single tea product. Its ingredients are all natural, and the results are obvious within just a few weeks.

According to “EverydayRoot“, the caffeine boosts up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite in a natural way. You may choose either one of the two sizes, 14 days and 28 days as you see fit. The tea comes in a format of loose tea, and they taste unsurprisingly great! Sure, there are several fit tea reviews out there that claim about the stomach upset effect and the mild aftertaste, but you can always add your favorite sweetener to enhance the flavor.

Additional option: the Matcha Green Tea – Organic Matcha DNA

organic matcha DNA - the science of tea

Our Best Pick for Matcha Green Tea

Organic Matcha DNA

According to our test, the powder are very nice in color and giving the best natural flavor.

Tasting : grassy, light, uplifting, fresh that you could feel it in your tongue.

$19.95 on Amazon
  • Reviewed Blends – Organic Matcha DNA
  • Product Info – It is another Chinese-origin organic matcha green tea that you can try. The tea leaves come from the pristine mountain in Fujian region in China. You can make a nice hot tea or add it to any protein shake to make a tasty smoothie or latte. You may also add your favorite sweetener (e.g. ginger, honey, lemon juice) into this organic green tea to boost the flavor.
  • Color Rating – 4.4/ 5.0
  • Taste Rating – 4.4 /5.0
  • Price – $19.95 on

Detox Tea Recipe – How to Make Yourself a Healthy and Best Drink Every Day

Detox Tea Recipe - How to Make Yourself a Healthy and Best Drink Every Day

Detoxification is a process of cleansing your digestive system and flushing any toxic substances from your body. With all the food that we eat every day, it is possible for some of it to contain unhealthy chemical substances and without a proper way of flushing those compounds out, they tend to stay.

As the largest internal organ, your liver is the important part of your body that functions as a detoxifier. It breaks down the proteins and regulates fat storage on your behalf. One of the easy ways to eliminate such toxins from your liver and bring back a healthy balance to your body is by drinking a detox tea every single day.

In this fit tea reviews, you will earn yourself several valuable detox tea recipe that will give pleasure to your taste bud. Plus, it also gives energy, reduces your eating appetite, and makes you lose the extra weight.

Recipe #1 – Detox Dandelion Tea

Recipe #1 - Detox Dandelion Tea

Detox Dandelion Tea is a great, healthy drink that you should drink every day to give your liver and kidneys some good cleansing. To prepare it, here are the things that you need.


  • Six tablespoons of 1-year-old dandelion roots
  • 12 tablespoons of fresh dandelion leaves
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • A spoon of loose leaves detox tea


  • Put a spoon of detox tea loose leaves into a cup of boiling water.
  • Add together the dandelion roots and leaves.
  • Brew them for 10 minutes and drink it in the morning and at night.

Recipe #2 – Morning Detox Tea

Recipe #2 - Morning Detox Tea

Morning Detox Tea is a suitable healthy drink if you love to drink a hot drink with a punch of spice and heat every morning. This detox drink works amazingly as a liver cleanser, metabolism booster, and anti-inflammatory. Here is how you prepare it.


  • 6 cups of water
  • One teaspoon of turmeric
  • Two cinnamon sticks
  • 5-inch of fresh ginger
  • Half teaspoon of cayenne
  • A spoon of raw honey
  • A squeeze of lemon


  • Slice the ginger and smash it gently with the back of your knife.
  • Boil the water and add the sliced ginger into the pot.
  • Add cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne and simmer it for 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into a mug.
  • Add honey and lemon to enhance the flavor.
  • Drink it every morning.

Recipe #3 – Ayurvedic Detox Tea

Recipe #3 - Ayurvedic Detox Tea

Ayurvedic detox tea is another great detox tea recipe that we will include in this fit tea reviews. It helps to rev up your metabolism rate and detoxify your body and its internal organs. This drink is a perfect healthy drink that you can sip and enjoy throughout the whole day.


  • A bag of green tea
  • A pinch of fennel seeds
  • A pinch of coriander seeds
  • A pinch of cumin seeds
  • 2 inch of fresh Ginger
  • A quarter cup of lemon Juice


  • Cut the ginger into thin slices.
  • Add all the seeds and ginger into a french press.
  • Pour boiling water into the set.
  • Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Drink it throughout the day as you wish.

Our Special Total Detox Cleanse Recipe:

Here is another bonus recipe for you. This detox drink will purify the blood, urine, saliva in your body, as well as your hair. It does not contain all the organic ingredients that you look for, but it is an absolute effective drink that gives a super fast result. You can sense a positive change in your body in less than two hours.


  • Four aspirin pills
  • Four B2 and vitamin B12 pills
  • Two bottles of 32oz-Gatorade
  • Eight bottles of 16oz plain water
  • A box of Certo liquid gel


  1. Take four aspirins four hours before you start the detoxification process. It helps to balance the pH in your body.
  2. Take the 15,000 MCG B12 capsules an hour before you detox. It gives color to your urine and smooths the urine flow.
  3. Four hours before you start detoxing, add a pouch of Certo into a 32oz bottle of Gatorade and shake it well. Leave it for 30 minutes before drinking.
  4. After every half an hour, repeat step #3.
  5. Drink at least two to four glasses of plain water after drinking the gatorade+certo for every 30 minutes.
  6. Urinate for five times before testing your metabolites result to see its effectiveness.

Here is the specific timeline for this detox recipe.

  • 12 noon – Drink Gatorade and Certo cocktail and eat four pills of aspirin.
  • 12.30pm to 1.00pm – Drink up to four 16oz bottle of plain water.
  • 1.00pm to 1.30pm – Drink second Gatorade and Certo cocktail and eat 15,000MCG of B12 pills.
  • 1.30pm to 2.00pm – Drink up to four 16oz bottle of plain water.
  • After 2.00pm – Urinate five times and check for the metabolites.

It might not be the most natural way to detox your body, but it can surely bring back purity and better state of health to your body.

Learn To Make Healthy Drinks

Best Detox Tea and Everything You Need to Know About Healthy Drinks

As toxic substance and impurities find their ways into our body, we tend to feel lethargic and out of balance. One of the most natural and easy ways to cleanse our body, especially the three filtering organs (e.g. liver, colon, and kidneys) from all the unhealthy compounds is through detox drinks.

There are numerous detox tea recipes online and healthy drink products available in the market at your disposal. These kinds of liquids do not only function as a toxin remover, but also as a diet formula. Let us take a look at several types of healthy drinks that you can try.

Juice Cleanse – Juice cleansing offers natural purification and vitamins intake simultaneously. You can use a combination of vegetables and fruits and blend them into single delicious drinks. For a hardcore cleansing and dieting, you can substitute your solid food with these types of detox drinks. It is highly recommendable to go sugarless with these juice cleanse to avoid unnecessary sugar spike. Some of the efficient and tasty detox juices are Lemon Cucumber Detox Drink, Cucumber Watermelon Mint Drink, and Apple Pear Cherries Drink.

Detox Cleanse – Detox cleansing serves several purposes. They act as a toxins remover, appetite suppressant, and metabolism booster. This type of cleansing has several level of detoxing, and the most advanced detox regime can cause several side effects to your body. One of the easiest ways to do detox cleansing is by drinking detox tea. Fit Tea, Yogi Detox Tea, The Republic of Tea and Easy E-Z Tea are some of the possible options. These tea products come in two types – tea bag and loose tea.

Tea bag might be the best option for those who want to be able to prepare their detox drink immediately. Loose tea allows you to set the amount of tea that you would like to have in your cup independently. Plus, it preserves the original state of the tea leaves and gives an enhanced scent of the leaves. Remember to make use of tea infuser or strainer when fixing your tea drinks as it helps the leaves to expand and provide better flavors and taste.

Green Smoothie Cleanse – Green smoothie used to be popular in the social media, and everybody seemed to cannot get enough of this drink. Just like juice cleansing, a green smoothie is a combination of veggies and fruits, except that they are all green in colors (high in chlorophyll). This diet provides vitamins, fibers and minerals to your body, and some attested that, when included in their diet routine, they lost up to 15 pounds and gained energy in just a few days.

Sugar Cleanse – Sugar has a bad reputation in our today’s society, and it is for a good reason. Every one of us knows by now that sugar makes us feel sick and overweight. Sugar detox seeks to break you free from the needs of consuming any excessive sugar. It rewires your mind and body by introducing non-bland, sugar-free diet meals. It provides an alternative to soda drinks, sugar-added carbohydrates, and even fruits and vegetables!

Hypoallergenic Detox – Hypoallergenic detox focuses more on stopping any types of possible allergies to your body, which caused by the consumed foods. This type of detox promotes steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, raw salads and brown rice. It restricts coffee, alcohol, dairy foods, wheat, and gluten consumption.

Why Should You Need to Detox Yourself?

Some people claim that there is no need to detox ourselves. Our body is capable of removing all the toxins naturally without our assisting hands. That is true except that we now live in a different world. Fast-food chains, pesticides, industrial wastes and heavy metals are everywhere, and they affect our immune system and metabolism process now more than ever.

Therefore, detoxification is a beneficial endeavor that can bring back the state of health and balance to our body. Followings are several other reasons why you should detox yourself.

  • Detoxing helps tremendously in strengthening our immunity and shed off cancerous diseases and viral infections.
  • Detoxing increases metabolism and burn the fat stored in our body cells. Such impacts help further in losing weight and curing diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. Also the same for detox from alcohol.
  • Detoxing also leaves a great impact on our skin. It improves acne problem, gives a natural glow on your face and strengthen hair and nails.
  • Detoxing gives clarity and energy. You will feel physically excellent and tend to get better sleep at night too.
  • Detoxing will make you look several years younger than your real age. Some of the top detox teas are high in antioxidants, and it tremendously slows down premature aging.
  • Detoxing introduce an improved metabolism rate and speed up the fat burning process in your body. As a result, you will notice a few-pound-lighter measurement on your weight scale in just a few days.

Tips on the Best Ways to Detox Yourself

Tips on the Best Ways to Detox Yourself

When it comes to detoxifying your body, there are some effective tips on the best ways to detox yourself.

  1. First and foremost, the consumption of detox tea. Taking Fit Tea drink twice a day is, perhaps, the cheapest and natural way to cleanse, lose weight, hamper cravings, increase resistance to sickness and feel good overall. It is a great dieting drink for both men and women, from all groups of ages. The traditional herbs contain beneficial nutrients and have been the main drink of the ancient folks in China, India, Egypt and several other old countries. Some of the well-known detox tea products in the market even come in several flavors such as peach, rose, berry, lemon, and many more. When added together with honey as suggested by many fit tea detox reviews, it will make you come back for even more! Opt for detox green veggies or blended juice if you prefer non-tea drinks.
  2. Choosing organic foods over processed foods is another best way to detox your body from toxins. Whenever you are out in the supermarket buying your groceries, head over to the organic department and make a clever choice in this section. Farmers who sell organic foods sticks firmly to the principle of not using any chemical pesticides on their crops. It significantly reduces the amount of toxins in your body. Make sure you read the labels on the food tins carefully and avoid the ones that contain chemical preservatives. Avoid foods that contain refined sugars and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) as it will only poison your digestive system, without bringing any benefit to your health.
  3. Coffee lovers might cringe at this one, but it is equally important to reduce the amount of coffee if you wish to detoxify your body. As a great alternative, you can try to fulfill your need for caffeine with green tea. It provides antioxidant and jumpstart your day, just like coffee. The best detox tea for weight loss would have to be Fit Tea, but there are also several other options out there for you (e.g. Yogi Tea, 14 Day TeaTox, and Triple Leaf Tea).
  4. Another best way to detox your body is through exercising. It is easy and cheap. By staying active physically every day or sticking to a daily workout routine, you will break a sweat or two, and this is another effective way to get rid of the toxins in your body naturally. Plus, exercises also bring other positive results such as improved blood circulation, hormones production, smooth digestion and fully functioning organs.
  5. For those who cannot afford to perform any heavy physical activities that can produce sweats due to a medical issue, a sauna is a great alternative in detoxing your body. It helps to remove wastes via rapid perspiration.
  6. You might never realize this, but acupuncture is another best way to detox yourself. It is a holistic medicine that can heal many of your internal health issues by clearing any blocked toxins inside your body. As the practitioners place the small needles on several points on your body, it stimulates your internal organs and can even reduce pain and discomfort surprisingly immediately!

So, when should you start all of the detoxification methods above? Well, you should detox yourself at least once a year or start once you experience the following symptoms.

  • Irritated skin
  • Unexplainable lethargy
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Bloating

Detoxing should be able to remove all of the symptoms above and nourish your body internally. You will feel instant rejuvenation and your health will take a positive turn and be in its most optimum state ever.

Best Program for Simple and Natural Way to Detox Yourself

Best Program for Simple and Natural Way to Detox Yourself


Our recommend program for body detox:

Unlike any other fad diet, detoxing is more than just a quick fix for weight loss. It brings sparkle to your eyes and glow to your skin. In this reviews, we are sharing with you the daily detox plan that you can follow for a week (or as long as you wish!).

Keep in mind that you might experience some common side effects from a detoxification process such as headaches and slow bowel movements. However, these symptoms should subside within 48 hours, and you should feel livelier and healthier soon afterward.

After Waking Up – Drink a cup of plain warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Frank Lipman, M.D, said that a cup of warm water and lemon can improve the digestive stretch.

Before Breakfast – Before breakfast, have a cup of Fit Tea detox drink or other types of healthy drinks. It provides energy, boost metabolism, cleanse your colon, and lower sugar cravings.

Midmorning – During your midmorning break, have a handful of snacks. Instead of eating the potato chips or other junk foods, munch dried fruits or roasted nuts instead. They are healthy and taste great too!

An Hour Before Lunch – Try not to be too occupied with your daily assignments. Have a break once in a while and move around. Stand up and walk around your office. Give your eyes a deserving break by looking away from your desktop. Do small stretches to improve blood circulation.

Lunch Time – Eat light lunch. Eat some lean protein, with a good portion of vegetables. After lunch, have a 15-minute walk to help your digestion process.

Snack Time – Have a green juice or another cup of hot detox tea in the evening to bring back focus and energy. It packs all the essential vitamins, and the taste is not bad either.

Dinner – When it comes to dinner, try not to overeat. Fill your plate with fiber, protein, vitamins, and fresh veggies. You will feel full and good.

Before Sleeping – Have another cup of Fit Tea or other types of tea detox drinks before sleeping. It soothes you down and continues to cleanse your digestive system.

Refer to other thin tea detox reviews to see other formats of a detox plan. Choose the one that suits well to your lifestyle and find ways to integrate them into your daily schedule.

Our Recommendations: Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss

Our Recommendations Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss

If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out which detox tea to go for, we are about to make your choosing job easier. Make your first try at detoxing with Fit Tea. The product contains up to nine herbs that play main roles in the ancient medicines. Organic green tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Rooibos, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn, and honey powder are some of the traditional herbs used in this product. Some of the benefits of this detox drink are as followings.

  • It promotes fat burning.
  • Boost up the immune system.
  • It suppresses eating appetite and cravings.
  • Shed off extra pounds on your body.
  • Provides beneficial antioxidant.
  • Increase metabolism rate.
  • It provides energy and focus.
  • Contain no negative side effects.

Fit Tea might not come in many flavors, but some fit tea detox reviews do suggest an additional of honey and lemon in the Fit Tea drinks. It enhances the flavor of your drinks and will make the detoxing experience more fun and pleasurable.

Couple this detox drink routine with plenty of water and you should notice a positive change in your body and state of health. Plus, you should also start to watch your meals and include more organic foods into your diet. It helps to speed up your cleansing process.

Our Final Words – Drinking Detox Tea is The Way to Go!

Our Final Words – Drinking Detox Tea is The Way to Go!Sure, exercising and food dieting does give you the ideal weight and make you feel great about yourself. However, detox drinks provide the same result to your body. Instead of consuming sugar-loaded juices, try to drink healthy green tea for a change.

It is a great detox option as it eliminates the unwanted toxin from your kidneys, liver, and intestines. The co-author of 7-Day Detox Miracle, Peter Bennett, N.D., wrote that detoxification addresses the needs of the smallest unit of human life – the individual cell! Plus, the detox tea refuels your body with healthy nutrients and improves blood circulation inside your body.

We hope that the fit tea detox reviews provided here has made it easier for you in choosing the best detox tea for weight loss for you! Fit Tea is a cheap and effective detox drink that you can include in your daily meal.

If you prefer to have the ones with several flavor offerings, opt for several other brands such as Yogi Tea, The Republic of Tea or Triple Leaf Tea. Give one of them a try today and see how tasty a detox drink could be!

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